Fillings Guide

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  • Hollow Fibre

    Hollow Fibre

    Hollow Fibre is a synthetic man made material, consisting of hollow strands that allow air to pass through, trapping it within the strand producing loft. This fibre creates a plump cushion with a medium to firm feel, suitable for all suite, scatter and bolster cushions.

    Hollow fibre is great for indoor and also outdoor use as it inhibits mould growth and is also an anti-allergy filling which is similar in density and cost to feather, making it a good alternative for those suffering from allergies.

  • Cluster Fibre

    Micro Cluster Fibre

    Micro cluster fibre is a luxury synthetic filling, made up of small ball clusters. The small balls provide even distribution around the cushion achieving a luxuriously plump finish, good recovery and a soft to medium feel.

    Suitable for interior and exterior suite bolster and scatter cushions, Micro cluster fibre is an anti-allergy filling and makes a good alternative to feather & down for people suffering with allergies as both fillings share a similar density feel.

  • Soft Foam

    Soft Foam

    Soft Foam is suitable for all indoor and outdoor back cushions. Providing a more defined shape than loose fillings, soft foam backs offer minimal maintenance and excellent recovery whilst still being soft and supportive. A perfect combination when combined with foam seats and can be supplied covered in a dacron wadding to create a luxurious plump finish.

  • Firm Foam

    Firm Foam

    Our firm foam inserts are cut to size and can be slotted straight into an area or your cushion covers. Firm foam provides a firm stable base giving increased support and excellent recovery, maintaining its shape for years.

    Suitable only for firm based seating such as window, stools and bench seats and also outdoor seating applications due to its durability and resistance to climate conditions. We can provide firm foam covered in a dacron wadding which rounds off the corners and creates a plump look for those wanting to achieve a more luxurious finish.